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Trenchless Water Line Replacement Vancouver

Trenchless Water Line Replacement Vancouver

Trenchless Water Line Replacement in Vancouver: Why You Should Never Hire An Unlicensed Plumber

There are so many plumbers in Vancouver but unfortunately, not every plumber is licensed. It is quite worrisome that people hire an unlicensed plumber in Vancouver more because their charges are less. People don’t realize that hiring a licensed plumber saves more cost in the long run.

Some of the reasons licensed plumbers are better choices have been outlined below.

Offering of guarantee

A licensed plumber will usually give you a guarantee after every service. This implies that if the issue reoccurs within the guarantee period, he will fix it free of charge but unlicensed plumbers offer lower charges but do not offer guarantees. What if the issue actually reoccurs? It is either you call an unlicensed plumber again or call a licensed plumber this time. Either way, you will still pay for another service again. So, which one is cheaper at the long run? Trenchless Water Line Replacement in Vancouver is not what you should let an unlicensed plumber handle.

Preservation of your warranties

The warranties of some appliances like the water heater can be voided if they are not installed or repaired by a licensed plumber. The assumption here is that unlicensed plumbers do not have the required knowledge and expertise to fix all appliances and if any issue occurs, since it was installed by an unlicensed plumber, the issue is likely to have been caused by wrong connecting or installation. In short manufacturers do not have confidence in unlicensed plumbers. 

In actual fact, some appliances are defective on arrival. You won’t be able to detect certain faults until after installation. So, if you happen to have bought a defective appliance, you will have to pay for the repair if it was installed by an unlicensed plumber. Is it really worth it? Why not hire a licensed plumber and have peace of mind?

Building code compliance

Only a licensed plumber will be familiar with local building codes. If your installation does not conform to the local building code, you will be fined if something goes wrong. In case of flood from improper installation of pipes, your insurance claim will not be paid if it is discovered that you violated the local building code. Remember, insurance companies thrive on picking holes in claims. A little mistake could block your drainage system in Vancouver and you don’t want to imagine what that blockage can lead to.

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Why deprive yourself of a lot of privileges because of a few dollars difference? Hiring an unlicensed plumber will never be a better choice.

Safety consciousness

Safety is very important and there are countless safety issues that can come up if safety standards are not fully adhered to. It is only a licensed plumber that will be familiar with the highest safety standards. Installation of an effective drainage system in Vancouver requires higher safety standards than other plumbing services.

Fully insurance

Accidents can occur during plumbing services, if it happens in your home, you will likely be responsible for the hospital bill except if the plumber is fully insured. His health insurance provider will foot the hospital bill. Unlicensed plumbers are usually not fully insured. If any accident occurs, you will spend a multiple of the amount you had saved by opting for an unlicensed plumber to offset hospital bills. Please weigh your choices properly when looking for Trenchless Water Line Replacement services.


Trenchless Water Line Replacement Vancouver
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